Our commitment to safety is steadfast, and we work hard to ensure that our record of safe and responsible industrial development is upheld.

Strathcona District Mutual Assistance Program (SDMAP)

Strathcona District Mutual Assistance Program (SDMAP) is a partnership of more than 30 industrial companies – several of which are SIA members – and community agencies dedicated to emergency response planning in east Edmonton and Strathcona County.

Since 1979, SDMAP members have shared best practices for industrial incident planning and response. And SIA members are proud to be a part of the Strathcona District Mutual Assistance Program (SDMAP).

SDMAP’s primary aim is to plan for, and test, emergency response readiness. The organization is committed to working collaboratively for a safer community. This is, in part, achieved through raising awareness and providing information about dangers and safety measures specific to industrial materials through education and awareness initiatives and training events.

More information about SDMAP can be found here.