About Us

Message from the Board President


To work with the community, city and county to promote a safe and healthy working and living environment.

For close to four decades, SIA has made many great strides in environmental monitoring and management, particularly ambient air quality monitoring, as well as fostering greater information sharing and dialogue amongst industry members, government and within our communities where we live and work. Our aim is to help make our community safer, and we are unwavering in this commitment.

We have been actively involved, both as an association and as individual member companies, in the following areas:

I greatly appreciate the hard work of the SIA Board, committee members and our community partners—all of whom significantly contribute to our achievements here at SIA. Through our shared commitment and collective efforts, we continually demonstrate how SIA is striving to realize its vision and meet its mission of working with the community and government to promote a safe and healthy working and living environment for us all.

I look forward to ongoing close partnerships with all of our member companies, government and community members as we reach additional milestones and achieve even greater success.

David Gets, Celanese Canada ULC
SIA Board President