Environmental Monitoring and Management

SIA and its members are committed to safe, environmentally responsible operations.  We participate in a range of important regional and provincial initiatives for ensuring the effective and efficient monitoring and management of environmental impacts from industry.

Some of these initiatives include:

  • Alberta Environment and Parks’ Capital Region Air Quality Management Framework Implementation Oversight Advisory Committee – As a committee member, SIA provides input and feedback to this important framework.
  • Our Region Our Future (OROF) – SIA is a partner of OROF, an initiative that brings together industry, municipalities, environmental non-government organizations and government to collaborate on capital regional solutions for the environmental management of air, water and land.
  • Integrated Transportation Master Plan with Strathcona County – SIA participated in the stakeholder consultation process led by Strathcona County on the development of its Integrated Transportation Master Plan. This plan establishes a vision and direction that will guide policy and decision-making related to the County’s transportation network over the next 30+ years.
  • Strathcona District Mutual Assistance Program (SDMAP) – SDMAP is a partnership of more than 30 industrial companies – several of which are SIA members – and community agencies dedicated to emergency response planning in east Edmonton and Strathcona County.